One of our most recent work completions was based in London, 5 miles from Central London. The electrical work consisted of a full electrical rewire. The whole house was renovated with us (D & L Home Solutions) completing the full electrical rewire from 1st fix stage to 2nd fix stage, testing and signing off the work due to us representing Napit for all our electrical work. We first arrived in London in April to 1st fix the property. Electrical first fix duties are carried out by wiring the whole house, chasing out walls to run the cables into the boxes for the sockets and switches. The customers wanted a lot of LED down lights fitted which give a very modern and stylish finish to the house. Home automation was also put in place to allow the customers to use the lighting, speakers via their phone or tablet. Cables were also put in place for underfloor heating covering all of downstairs and electric underfloor heating for the bathrooms upstairs. As the customers were having built in wardrobes in all the of the bedrooms, we provided electrics for all the wardrobes to have LED lights on a sensor so the lights in the wardrobe would come on every-time the doors were opened. D & L Home Solutions arrived back in August to install all the electrical equipment. The majority of the LED downlights were operated with a dimmer switch which really set the mood and atmosphere in the rooms. The wardrobe lighting was really effective, especially with the sensors for ease of opening the doors and the lighting coming on to make it easier to find any items inside. We installed a sensor light in the bathroom which you would wave your hand over the sensor and the light around the mirror would then operate on or off. All sockets were positioned in great locations with a large amount of sockets being installed throughout to allow the customer plenty of options, with sockets either side of the bed and light switches either side of the bed to turn on wall lights or ease of turning the main light on or off from the bed rather than having to get up and turn it off by the room entrance. Outside LED lighting was installed at the front, side and rear of the property on sensors for security and making it safe to see when walking around outside at night or coming home in the evenings. See photos below :).