At D & L Home Solutions we started our next project in Bicester by converting a garage and merging it into a living room. The job will involve knocking down the wall from the garage leading to the existing living room. A stud wall was built along the small section of the garage for a separate utility room. All the electrical work will be put in place by adding sockets around the room and in place for the tv, along with the aerial cable. The electrical fuse board was on the wall that was getting knocked down, so all circuits needed extended and positioned in the new utility room. The garage door will be removed and built back up with theramlite and concrete blocks with insulation in between. The rear door to the utility was quite low due to the ground level being lower in the garage so we raised the lintel above the door to increase the height of the door frame. At a later date, a polythene sheet and cellotex insulation will be put down on the floor with plumbed in under floor heating with a liquid screed to finish. The photos below are the order of events.